Hasan Ünal Nalbantoğlu
Ethics, Aesthetics, Technology

Produced by Ersan Ocak
38 mins., PAL, All Regions

"We presently live largely in a world of artifices. It is almost the second nature to us. Yet, in spite of our wills to power, our strugglings for a large variety of goals, this situation takes its own toll. It has its own flux. It is also an entirely new kind of phúsis, and I'm using the word phúsis not in the sense of a framed nature [usually taken as an object to be studied, known and finally manipulated], but as the generic name for the overall process in which things move, are generated, die away, pass into other things, etc. Probably our detour will help us very much in our thinking, for its being on more realistic grounds as to the human makings and actions—be it in aesthetic works, art, which can be understood not in a techno-scientific sense or the bourgeois subjectivity presently in the wane, but in the original sense of the Greek téchñe (τ?χνη; tékhne), or sana‘a in Arabic."

Hasan Ünal Nalbantoğlu is a distinguished scholar of sociology in the Turkish academia and intelligentsia. Indeed, he is considered a polymath with his wide range of research interests and writings. His teaching excellence gained him a reputation as a great professor among the students. He is currently a full-time faculty member in the Department of Sociology, Middle East Technical University (METU), Faculty of Arts & Sciences. Nalbantoğlu has written articles in the past in the fields of urban sociology, Ottoman economic history and sociology of knowledge. His most recent research, thinking and writing activity is on the possibility of deploying various 'other' knowledge formations as possible correctives to the "Western metaphysics" in the face of the crisis of modernity and the dawning of the information age.

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